A glass of beetroot juice increases stamina and lowers our blood pressure

Beetroot juice increases in heart failure endurance and lowers blood pressure. A glass of beetroot juice daily: patients with heart failure during the study could significantly improve their endurance. Also, the systolic blood pressure fell. The results show that nature can also help with serious illnesses.

“Against Everything is an herb grown”, is an ancient naturopathy saying. Millenniums the knowledge of natural medicine has been transmitted to the next generation. In modern times strive numerous scientists, knowledge rediscovering after being displaced by the pharmaceutical industry and the belief in the pills medicine. Researchers at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem found in a comparative study that a daily enjoyed a beetroot juice can significantly improve the performance of heart failure patients. In addition, improved blood pressure readings showed at rest and stress.

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Inorganic nitrate levels cause

Beetroot is rich in inorganic nitrate. This fact is the main reason why in many studies to increased performance could be observed. A new study from the US showed that patients can achieve with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF), a positive effect when drinking the beet juice regularly. After just one week daily consumption showed that systolic blood pressure improved measurably. The performance in the test were also visibly improved.


At the pilot study a total of 20 hypertensive patients HFPEF participated in NYHA class 2 and 3 and a mean age of 69 years. First the volunteers a single dose beetroot juice or placebo was administered in a cross-over design. After a so-called wash-out then all Proanden participating in the weeklong Saftkur. Each 70 ml daily ration contained exactly 6.1 mmol nitrate.

After a week aerobic endurance had increased at the submaximal load of 363 to 449 seconds. This means that the performance has been increased by 24 percent. However, the single dose compared with placebo showed no effect. The frequency of the heart as well as the oxygen uptake during exercise ECGs were virtually identical. (Study Link)

Stress test showed visible results
was visible that both doses (of the week, as the one-time) nitrate and nitrite concentration had increased measurably in plasma. Systolic blood pressure decreased after a week of 134 to an incredible 120 mmHg. When stress test also showed an improvement after one week. This was not as pronounced (from 166 to 159 mmHg), but showed a trend-setting.

Although the study was done only with few participants and also the comparable period turned out quite scarce, the study should have an “important therapeutic consequences” in the opinion of the principal investigator Joel Eggebeen of Wake Forest University in Winston Salem. Because a reduced performance is the main symptom of heart failure. The patients suffer from the limitations in everyday life. There are no drugs that achieve performance gains. Only the endurance training has hitherto help patients. Therefore write the physicians: “Our study suggests that chronic NO delivery by the ingestion of inorganic nitrate via food can improve submaximal exercise tolerance.”

Previous studies point in the same direction
A previous study showed a similar direction. The one-time consumption of beetroot juice compared with placebo had led to increased exercise tolerance of the patients. In the research, however, the Nitra content was twice as high as in this.

Pills do not help
And one thing was striking. With organic nitrate, however, no or even negative effects were achieved. This could be because, according to the scientists that “a different pharmacokinetics” for the purposes. Organic nitrate SIEPSA quickly to the release of large amounts of NO. “Inorganic nitrate provides instead for a slower NO formation and thus for a lower but persistent vasodilation,” the researchers write. In addition, “NO release is targeted conducted in hypoxic regions”.

But why does the beetroot juice gift as well? The scientists suspect that “will reduce the systemic vascular resistance” after consumption. Additionally suggest the study authors, that the distribution of blood flow, and thus the blood flow to the muscles is promoted. The study should be used to make further, more research. Finally, “the secret should be aired for the benefit of patients.” (Sb)

Zayn Malik screaming goes its own way Mind Of Mine

When Zayn Malik announced a year ago his exit at One Direction, the shock runs deep at the fans. But his musical comeback is not long in coming. On the day exactly one year after he has left the boy band, the 23-year-old with his first solo album “Mind OF Mine” is back. The consideration of Stephen Hawking, he could still be part of One Direction in a parallel universe, should therefore be considered as refuted. His very first single “Pillowtalk” reached number one on the British and American charts. In Germany she climbs up to number five on the singles charts. In 68 countries worldwide it is at the top of the iTunes charts – and thus already more successful than singles from One Direction.

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Support was Malik of the US producer Malay, who has worked among others already with Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys and John Legend. On the solo album, fans can look forward in the deluxe version on 18 songs on the regular edition, there are 14 from the cover of a smiling about a five year old Malik in a too large sweater contrary, his forearms are tattooed.


Together with One Direction publish Malik four albums and four singles reached # 1 on the British charts. But the music he is said to have never felt with the boyband right at home. In an interview with the magazine “The Fader” he was already last year that he never he could be himself in the band and had to constantly adjust: “I had no way to creatively live out me in the band.” His penchant for R’n’B went unheard in the band. So it is not surprising that some of his songs on the album are very heavy R’n’B, while others give a hint of reggae.

Get off at the One Direction

Unlike One Direction, supposed to be very personal his solo album. When Malik takes the word, there is his life accordingly mainly of sex. So the album opener is “Pillowtalk” hot love playing with his model girlfriend Gigi Hadid, in “Like I would,” he sings: “He will not touch you like I do / ‘He do not know your body, he do not do you right, he will not love you like I would “and also in and” Wrong “is explicitly:”. I’ll get her wetter than ever, four letters is never the question, she likes when i ‘m messy and I like when she’s undressing “But that’s not little later on the album he sings in.” TIO. “” Put you up against the wall, do not take it easy, you like it hard like me, it’s what you need, let’s get naked and explore. ”

But there are also struck serious tones. In “It’s you” he is to process the separation of ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards and “BeFour” is about his former bandmates and his leaving from One Direction. Malik suggested in an interview with “The Fader” that people would underestimate him: “I’m not sure if people really know what I can offer them musically I think they will understand me better after.” BeFour “hear. you will understand why, how and why I left the band at that time. and they will understand why I have this written Schei **”.
Antidote to trendy earwigs

For the song “Fool for you” he was inspired by the very large. No less a person than the Beatles have been a source of inspiration here. “I have heard a lot in the week in which I got the loop, John Lennon,” said the singer in an interview with “NME”. In the song “Flower” is actually very personal. Malik, son of a Pakistani father, sings in Urdu.

With “Mind OF Mine” can Zayn Malik his boy band past. He may finally wear beard and decorate his hair in the colors of the rainbow. Who takes a look at the wild Versalienspiel on the back of the plate, may suspect that Malik is not quite so mature as he wants to be perceived. But the boy is well on its way there. Schmusig up sexy He presents “Mind OF Mine” a counter-proposal to flood poppy earwigs along with danceable beats. Also for the future has in front of the teen heartthrob still big. In a video chat on Periscope he revealed: He is already working on a second album.

Microsoft embarrassed by racist gaffes

A chatbot named Tay should talk social network with users. But the experiment was for the developers of Microsoft a few hours a debacle. Microsoft has a chatbot software having to take power after a short time, after users could entice by tricking masse to racist gaffes. When on Wednesday program named “Tay” should with simple response algorithms on Twitter maintained the semblance of a conversation with people, but also learn from conversations. User controlled “Tay”, inter alia, Adolf Hitler to praise, to deny the Holocaust and offending mark.

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A majority of these tweets were later deleted. After a few hours the machine announced via his Twitter account “@TayandYou” she had to go to so many conversations and sleep went from the mains. Microsoft stated in “Tay” would be made “some adjustments”. While the software rediscover some of their answers were unreasonable and reflected the comments of people resist that interacted with her.
Microsoft: How Tay went out of control

According to information from the website “Buzzfeed” who had conducted an interview with the leading developer before the start, “Tay” had indeed filter against obscene language. But the team underestimated clearly the destructive power of Internet users in political issues and their inventiveness. Thus, a simple proved “Repeat after me!” As secure case: You could “Tay” thus bringing to repeat all possible slogans.


“Tay” was originally intended to simulate the personality of a young woman in the grid and be aligned as a target group on Internet users aged 18 to 24 years. For this, the software has been beefed up, among other things with slogans of comedians, it said.

The idea of ​​Chatbots is not new: 50 years ago, the first time the program “Eliza” had caused a stir. It was able to maintain a conversation by putting together matching phrase to recognize keywords. With the progressive development of self-learning machines and artificial intelligence chatbot apply now but, among other things as a promising model for communication of companies with customers. So Facebook developed for its Messenger concierge services with artificial intelligence, which is currently still taught by people.

Review of Cord Aschenbrenner Irrefutably and desirable

If more new arrivals live in plain German in Frankfurt One day some cities will lose their German “majority society” – which can mean that illuminated a book by identity researchers. Long pass in New York no longer white Anglo-Saxons the tone. The city is, just like Los Angeles and Miami, a “Majority-Minority-City”. Even Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Geneva have become such a “majority-minority-cities”.

And just like that, it have the migration and identity researcher Jens Schneider and his co-Maurice Crul and Frans Lelie out in her book, it will soon undergo Frankfurt, Augsburg and Stuttgart: You will lose their German “majority society”. In other words: The ethnic German population will become one of several minorities.
The authors leave no doubt that they consider this development as impregnable as desirable – because they offer great opportunities for the emergence of more “social justice” as they write: namely when the former majority society loses its dominant position, thereby – an example – maybe the high school in Germany his role as a status symbol, which does not want, nor to share with strangers from other layers some parents.

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Education and social background, the old German context, could also dissolve as the certainty of many locals, they stayed in a rapidly aging society in the majority and to a certain extent the owner of the land.

Sociology Sociology Enlarge image

Jens Schneider, Maurice Crul, Frans Lelie, generation mix. The super diverse future of our cities and what we make it. Waxmann 2015. 130 pages. 19,90 Euro. As e-book: 18,90 euros. The book is based on research in eight European countries, the TIES Study (The Integration of the European Second Generation), the some 10 000 descendants of immigrants from Turkey, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia, members that the book its title-giving ” generation mix “, has interviewed about their career experiences.

It is not surprising, came out that about the second generation Turks (in this country continue to “people with a migration background” hot, despite the fact that they were born here) in Sweden and France, but also in the Netherlands achieve significantly better qualifications than in Germany and Austria, which is related to the better early language promotion and the all-day school system.
Very important: “interethnic friendships”
Integration works, which makes the readable tape clear when a country lays claim to its immigrants. A true immigration country accepts the people, it provides comprehensive educational programs, find the work more easily re Appearing and characterize the immigrant children from an early age.
And: Very important are “interethnic friendships”, as the authors point out. Prescribe not can be, but in a society willing they will arise.

Trump loses secure against Clinton? Not so fast

Ugly. This word falls constantly when talking about the possible duel between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In the battle for the White House, it is always dirty to: Barack Obama secured 2012, thereby re-election by portraying Mitt Romney by “character murder” as emotionally cold multimillionaire.

But the real estate billionaire and ex-Foreign Minister should be nominated by their parties, then observers expect a unprecedented mudslinging. Bill Clinton sex scandals, the dead US diplomats in Benghazi and Trumps affairs and divorces – nothing would be taboo. “I’ll win easy,” boasts Trump and stressed that he had Clinton not yet been buttoned. With Instagram he posted recently a 15-second clip, which Vladimir Putin and a barking Hillary Clinton shows.

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In the New York “Hillary 2016” -Central and elsewhere material is collected already busy. “The Republicans have Trump attacked too late and too hesitant,” said David Brock, the head of two pro-Clinton organizations. The Clinton camp wants to hammer the Americans that Trump as a businessman is not as successful as he does – and constantly remind his insults.

Trump has called Mexicans as “rapist,” he called women “Bimbo” or “fat pig” says journalists “disgusting” and wants to “hit the face” protesters. The use of torture in the fight against terrorists holding the Republican appropriate and he would not let enter the US Muslims.
Why Trump is reportedly chance

These statements, as the consensus in Washington, Trump help currently to win the Republicans prefix to prefix. On November 8, but a true America from the “colorful, rational, decent” and more tolerant than the white, conservative Grand Old Party – So Clinton will clearly win. The same suspect also betting providers who know those polls, after which Clinton Trump defeated in a direct duel.


Here is often made to the blue wall, so to those 18 states that as the District of Columbia have voted since 1992 in every presidential election for the Democrats. Clinton thus already have 242 of the 270 electoral votes secure, but what some experts doubt (about statistics guru Nate Silver. In addition, Trump won the primaries in almost all countries that voted for Obama in 2012.)

But this argument still overlooks another point: Of course can be personalized with reference to Trumps Sayings Latinos and students mobilize well. But unlike Ted Cruz Trump is no ideologue who holds through conviction positions. Trump wants to be cheered – and for more acclaim it will reinvent itself (its message “make America great again” leaves plenty of room for).
Trump suddenly could be much more moderate

Derek Thompson has performed in Atlantic this thought experiment. Why would Trump do not suddenly go from the stage when it comes to violence at an event? Why not go back on the travel ban against Muslims and talk about how he would help Latinos who may immigrate legally under his presidency (something that refuses Cruz)? Apart from the “wall to Mexico” everything is quasi-negotiable. So far, his followers who follow him on his zigzag course and ignore his lack of factual accuracy, because they admire that he is therefore considered his candidacy largely self-funded and as incorruptible.

What in the German press often goes: Many of Trumps positions are neither radical nor conservative, but popular with the masses. Unlike hardline conservatives he rejects cuts in the social system (pensions, healthcare), plans to invest in the crumbling infrastructure and use the military rarely abroad tax-billion. Higher taxes for the super rich? The billionaire has no problem.

“He has no ideology but is rather by instinct,” said Republican Patrick Buchanan, who unsuccessfully ran twice for the White House. And Trumps instincts adapt fairly well to frustrated, older men from states like Pennsylvania, Ohio or Michigan. (There are, however, many female Trump fans and those with university degree).

There, in the Rust Belt, where many factories rust to himself and industrial jobs have been lost, Trump comes with his message “free trade is bad and the elites do not care about you” particularly well. “If Trump brings many white men to the polls, this could change much,” whispered a veteran of the Obama campaign in the Washington Post.

Ruy Teixeira, a researcher at the liberal Center for American Progress on the US population (it is younger, darker and often speak Spanish), sums it up this way: Trump would like Ronald Reagan in 1984 to collect at least two-thirds of white votes to losses in balance of hispanics dominated states like Colorado, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina. “That’s pretty hard, but I would not rule out such a scenario,” says Teixeira in the New York Times. Similarly, the demographer William Frey of the Brookings think tank expressed.

Assad celebrates reconquest of Palmyra

The Syrian army has reportedly sold the terrorists of the IS from the city of Palmyra. The Russian Air Force is to have been involved in the offensive. Palmyra is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Members of the IS have destroyed many ancient temples there after the conquest in May, 2015. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has acknowledged the expulsion of the terrorist militia Islamic State out of the city of Palmyra as a major power of his army.

This success against the IS is another proof of the effective strategy of the government troops and their allies in the war against terrorism, Assad said the report, according to a state television.

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In Palmyra are some of the most spectacular historical sites in the Middle East. After the IS had conquered the city in May last year, he destroyed there significant ancient ruins.
War in Syria Syria
“If it were not for Assad, there were not the IS”

Salem al-Meslet negotiated as spokesman for the Syrian opposition in Geneva. He demands that the Syrian dictator comes to court. 360 – War in Syria
Allegedly many deaths among the extremists


About three weeks ago, the army began with Russian air support launched an offensive to bring the city back under their control. On Sunday reported the state television, the armed forces and government allied militias had taken complete control of the site. The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the IS Palmyra lost.

There had been many deaths among the extremists. Experts of the army were about to defuse dozens explosives and mines in the ancient city. The army is supported by the Syrian and the Russian Air Force. The agreed for Syria ceasefire does not apply to the fight against IS. The IS had taken Palmyra in May last year.

For a complete conquest of the city would clear the government forces the way forward in the east of the country. There the IS controls large parts of the provinces of Deir al-Zor and Rakka.
Archaeological remains destroyed

The Unesco – culture Organization of the United Nations – declared the ruins of the former commercial center of the legendary Queen Zenobia in 1980 a World Heritage Site.

Its location on one of the most important trade routes between the Roman Empire, Persia, India and China Palmyra won in the first centuries after Christ ever more important. After Queen Zenobia had conquered Roman territory in Egypt and Judea, the city was destroyed in 272 by the Romans.
Unesco creates “culture peacekeepers”
After Palmyra: “Culture peacekeepers” to protect monuments

The team consists of 60 people, including experts from the police, but also historians and restorers. They are “trained for dangerous situations”.

The Baal Temple, Baal Schamin Temple, a triumphal arch and more imposing ruins in the Valley of the Tombs made the front of the Syrian civil war popular tourist destination to one of the most complex of ancient buildings in the Middle East.

All these buildings have blown members of the IS. The Unesco speaks of a war crime. The IS considered ancient cultural assets as symbols of idolatry and paganism, which applies to destroy it. The former chief archaeologist of Palmyra, Khaled Asaad, was beheaded by IS.

Euro 2016 the French are divided on the retention of fan-zones

SCAN THE SPORT – 79% of French opposed the cancellation of Euro 2016 to be held in France from 10 June to 10 July. They are more nuanced regarding the maintenance of fan-zones.

Despite the attacks in Belgium and the terrorist threat, the French do not want to hear about a cancellation of Euro 2016. A survey by the Institute for Odoxa RTL and sports paris site Winamax shows that 79% they are opposed to the cancellation of the European Nations Championship scheduled in France from 10 June to 10 July. The survey of 1,003 French was completed three days after the Brussels bombings that killed 31 people and wounded 340 in the Belgian capital Tuesday.

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58% of people are opposed to the removal of fan-zones

The sample is more nuanced on maintaining or not fan-zones, these welcoming spaces for up to 100,000 people in Paris on match nights. 58% of people are opposed to their abolition while 41% think it should go without because they are too risky. Friday, while public authorities and the organization of Euro confirmed the maintenance of these fan-zones until further notice, an official of the Republican Frédéric Péchenard, called for the cancellation of that which will be installed on the Champs de Mars in Paris. “It’s offer the terrorists a chance to make a bomb massacre an opportunity to make extremely simple actions will because there will be a hundred thousand people every night,” had said the Chief Republicans.


Believing also that 72% sports arenas in France are well secured, the French do not want to panic. Respondents are also 52% said “no, definitely not” (14%) and “no, probably not ‘(38%), the question of whether they” advise their relatives to avoid frequenting gathering places around sporting events like the marathon of Paris, Roland Garros, the tour de France or the Euro-2016 “.

Al-Jazeera eliminates 500 positions worldwide

The job cuts will be mainly in Qatar. Most departures will not concern journalists. The Al-Jazeera, the group information created 20 years ago by the royal family of Qatar, has announced the elimination of 500 positions out of 4,500 worldwide, mostly at headquarters Doha. According to general manager of the chain, Mostefa Souag, “all options were considered” to maintain the competitiveness of the chain. It is ultimately the downsizing that has been chosen to ensure its leading position, “its commitment to quality journalism, independent and powerful in the world,” said Mostefa Souag in a statement. According to an official of the chain, the first dismissals should take place next week and most of the departures do not concern journalists.

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These job cuts come as Qatar’s largest producer of gas but also oil, is facing a collapse in prices of these energy sources. The country plans a budget deficit of over $ 12 billion in 2016, the first in fifteen years.

Closure of Al-Jazeera America

On 13 January the direction of the news channel had already announced the closure in April of Al Jazeera America, two and a half years after its launch. The Director General of the Qatar channel had then said it had found no viable business model in the US where Al-Jazeera had opened twelve offices on 70 of the chain in the world. Its audience has never exceeded a few tens of thousands of viewers.


According to the Pew Research Center, Al-Jazeera America would have realized in 2014 a turnover of less than $ 100 million, by far the lowest of all national news channels. This closure would result in the elimination of 700 positions.

The Council of State is a blow to the law Sapin 2 AML

Michel Sapin this Wednesday its law on transparency of economic life. Finance Minister waives introduce there the possibility of a plea bargain for business in its new anti-corruption arsenal, the Council of State retoqué with this device.

Protection of whistleblowers, lobbies supervision, corporate governance … The bill for the transparency of economic life, Michel Sapin this Wednesday by the Cabinet, was to allow France to catch up in the fight against money laundering and corruption. For the Hexagon is only 23rd in the latest “Corruption Perceptions Index” prepared by Transparency International … While most of what was planned well appear in the text presented by the finance minister, the measure most emblematic missed. Thursday night, the State Council retoqué the “plea bargain” of the bill. The Government therefore submit “to Parliament a text that does not contain this device,” says Michel Sapin in Le Journal du Dimanche.

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Recognize his wrongs and fined

This “public interest netting agreement” should allow companies implicated in corruption cases to avoid a criminal conviction, recognizing their mistakes and paying a fine – which could reach up ‘to 30% of their average turnover for the last three years. On Thursday, a group of organizations – NGOs like Oxfam France and such unions Solidaires Public Finance or the Union of Magistrates – had called for the removal of this device project. These organizations felt that the proposed measure was “a step towards a lack of responsibility of legal persons for acts of corruption and impunity in fact, against the current international and national initiatives.”


“We’ll see if parliamentarians want to take the subject,” said Michel Sapin JDD. For the rest, the legislative arsenal includes the creation of a struggle against corruption agency, sanctions for officers committing bribery abroad, a special status for “whistleblowers” (which the State Council works) or new ethical rules on transparency and gifts lobbies …

Wednesday presented text will also include measures that were originally included in the Noah Emmanuel Macron law. Among them, particularly, clarifying the professional qualifications required (in hairdressing, construction, aesthetics …). micro-enterprise status (formerly auto-entrepreneur) will also be adapted: Macron pushed tripling thresholds, Sapin did not want it. Finally, a micro-entrepreneur could keep this status for a few more years, provided it does not exceed doubling the threshold. The text will also, via an order to establish that the Minister of Economy called a “pension fund to the French.” In flexibilising prudential rules, the idea is to move towards business and private equity part of the 150 billion euros of outstanding fund the SERP pension companies, managed by insurers.

Democratic primary Sanders crowned wins but behind Clinton

Democrat Bernie Sanders emerged victorious in a series of primaries in the American West during the weekend and wants to convince that he is “on a roll”, although it remains far behind its rival Hillary Clinton in the race for the nomination for president.

“We believe we have a path to victory,” assured the septuagenarian interviewed by CNN after three francs success in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, sparsely populated states who voted Saturday.

“We have won six of seven (Democratic primary) over the past 11 days,” he recalled ABC, saying: “We are clearly on a roll.”

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Bernie Sanders conceded, however, his face gaps in recalling his interviewers that he would have to landslide victories in the coming consultations – what the polls do not predict – to clinch the Democratic ticket end of July.

In Washington, chunk of the day Saturday with 101 delegates at stake, the senator from Vermont has won a victory like this collecting nearly 73% of the vote against 27% for Clinton, according to CNN.


Balance sheet obtained delegates and states won by each candidate. © Thomas SAINT-CRICQ, TIAN Kun, Paz PIZARRO AFP

On the Hawaiian Islands, more than two thirds of the caucus participants (election meetings) were also knighted and his victory was even more striking in Alaska, in the extreme north, where 16 delegates were seats in play: he won 81.6% of the vote against 18.4% for his rival.

– Large states favorable to Clinton –

But to catch up and surpass Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders should win the remaining primaries with very large majorities because more than half of the delegates have already been distributed and the former Secretary of State leads by a large margin.

In addition to primary votes Clinton received support said nearly 500 “superdelegates,” the officials and elected Democrats who will vote for the investiture agreement within four months.

It thus accumulated 1,733 delegates against 1,039 for Bernie Sanders, according to CNN’s estimate. In total 2,383 delegates required for the nomination and several upcoming major states support Clinton (New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland in April).

Bernie Sanders, however, benefited from the recent victories to support the key messages of his campaign, which advocates a “political revolution”.

“Thanks, Alaska Together we send a message that government belongs to us all,” he launched on Twitter Saturday night.

Hillary Clinton at a rally in Seattle, March 22, 2016 Jason Redmond © AFP / File

At a rally in Madison, which is the next step, the Wisconsin primary, he congratulated “clearly diminished advance of Secretary Clinton.”

“It is difficult to deny that our country has a good dynamic,” insisted the candidate of 74 years under the cries of “Bernie! Bernie!” of enthusiastic supporters.

– Many Crowds –

Bernie Sanders had organized mass meetings in three regions in Washington this week, especially in Seattle where he gathered Friday in a baseball stadium a crowd of 17,000 supporters, who made him a rock-star reception.

“Say loudly that billionaires can not have everything,” he started opening his speech.

Hillary Clinton, 68, did not react immediately to its defeats in the northwest of the United States, where the turnout was very strong.

“People arrive by dog ​​sled, surfing, (sandals) Birkenstock thousands to sites where caucuses are held today (Saturday) in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington to vote for Bernie!” tweeted filmmaker Michael Moore left, which supports Sanders.

Seattle, the Northwest metropolis and one of the most left the country, first class on 50 US cities in donations to Sanders per capita, according to a survey released last week.

The coming weeks will be relatively calm. Primary will be held April 5 (Wisconsin) and April 9 (Wyoming) before the major events of New York (April 19) and a new “Super Tuesday” on April 26 in five states.